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Not sure on which stick is best for your chafing-problem? Have a look at the information to the left of the products below to guide you. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service.


No 1 protection from thighs rubbing

Move Anti Chafe Balm effectively prevent chafing where skin rubs on skin with high friction, for example between the thighs. Redness, abrasions and stinging pain from friction of the thighs rubbing together (so called thighchafing or chubrub) is a problem as old as time itself. Move Anti Chafe Balm has, in a very short time, established it self as the favourite product for for people who want to avoid extra clothing underneath the dress/skirt or running shorts.

  • Between the thighs
  • In the armpits
  • Between the buttocks
Move förebyger lårskav

Move Anti Chafe Balm 25 ml

175 SEK incl. VAT
Move motverkar effektivt lårskav

Move Anti Chafe Balm 75 ml

275 SEK incl. VAT


Prevent friction from clothes, shoes and equipment cause chafing to your skin. In 2020 the product Sport changes it’s name to Active Anti Friction Balm. Both products will be available in stores. Use Active to prevent:

  • Shoes chafing/blisters on feet
  • Saddle sores from horseback
  • Nipples / running
  • Saddle Cycling / Chamois
The Skin Agent active 25 ml

Active Anti Friction Balm 25 ml

172 SEK incl. VAT
The Skin Agent active 75 ml

Active Anti Friction Balm 75 ml

269 SEK incl. VAT


Prevent chafing, redness and blistering skin in intimate areas. Use Comfort to prevent:

  • Redness from uncomfortable bras around the bust
  • In the groin
  • Lower abdomen before riding
  • Around the balls
  • To soothe the skin after waxing or shaving
  • Underneath breast prosthetic after partial or full mastectomy and on radiation damage to the skin or scarring where the skin is extra sensitive.
Information if you are currently in the process of cancer treatment

Please note these recommendations from the oncology department in Gävleborg: “Since the product is applied externally it neither disturbs or affect cytostatic medicines and anti hormonal treatment and can be used during treatment for cancer. However, the product should not be used during radiotherapy.”

The Skin Agent comfort 25 ml

Comfort Anti Chafe Balm 25 ml

172 SEK incl. VAT


Decreases friction, stimulates the skins own healing process and strengthen the structure of the fur. Contains a number of nourishing ingredients like chamomille that not only has a soothing effect but also a number of postive effects on dry and delicate skin.


Apply a thin layer directly on the skin to prevent chafing from harness and saddle, sheets and blankets, leg protection, girth, bridle, halter and flybonnet. Protects from spurs rubbing the skin raw.


Apply a thin layer on dry paws before going for a walk, especially in the winter when there is a lot of salt on the road. Other problem areas are under the harness, on sensitive areas such as on scarrs, on the belly and genitals. Perfect for hunting and draught dogs.

Anti Chafe Stick Horse & Hound 75 ml

Anti Chafe Stick Horse & Hound 75 ml

369 SEK incl. VAT