The first Anti Chafing products from Sweden
Swedens first anti chafing products was developed from the will of solving an age old problem. How do you prevent your thighs from chafing during the summer months? Without using extra clothing. Using only natural ingredients. That was the issue that resulted in The Skin Agent. It did not take long before we started identifying new segments and areas of usage. That has so far resulted in three products for Personal Comfort and one for Animal Care.

Keeping one eye on the horizon
The Skin Agent was established on the Swedish market in 2017. But with a global demand we took the first step onto all scandianvian countries in 2020 and is planning to establish The Skin Agent in selected countries on the European market during 2021.

A short but intensive history.
The Skin Agent was founded 2016 and the first products was delivered to customers in January 2017. Since then the company constantly continued to develop the products to be able to help even more people (and animals). New and innovative solutions increase the opportunity for a global and secure growth for the company.

Behind the curtains
The company behind the products is The Skin Agent Sweden AB, a privatly owned Limited company that develop, market and sells natural, functional skincare. In a few short years the company have transitioned from a promising start-up to Swedens leading producer of Anti Chafing products. All research and development as well as production is based in Sweden.

Our products are sold by retailers and e-commerce shops across our four different segments: Sport, Lifestyle, Medicin and Animal Care.


  • Our key ingredience is functionality. Our main focus will always be to develop functionality. The products have to do what it “says on the tin” and they have to do it better than all other products.

  • Natural ingredients, a natural choice. People and animals alike are a part of nature, and we know that natural ingredients is better both for the skin and the environment.

  • Blisters have no boundries. Our customers are young, old, thin, curvy, athletes, ill, healthy, some like glitz and glamour, others prefer the charms of nature.

  • Adding comfort to your activity. No one should have to limit themselv in any aspect of life because of chafing, blister or other friction damage to the skin.


Since day 1, development ihave been a constant driving force at The Skin Agent. We continue to evolve and improve our formulas to meet new needs and customer, and to always have the best functionality. We also constantly work with the visuals, to interact with our customers in the best possible way.